Royal Exchange

After recovering significantly from jet lag and getting back on a normal sleeping schedule (well 3 a.m. to 11 a.m....), I went to my favorite San Francisco pub, Royal Exchange, for some Big Game eve celebration. On the way there, my trip seemed to come full circle a little bit. As when I arrived at Oakland airport almost three weeks ago, I didn't have any change for the AirBART shuttle and asked the entire bus if anyone had change for a $5 bill. Mercifully, someone did. Yesterday, while on the J-Church streetcar going downtown, another woman had the same dilemma, and I actually had change for her.  Royal Exchange was great, as I've never been there when Cal Band has, and I actually got to play a few songs. But I haven't played since ski trip in January, so I knew I really needed to practice when I couldn't feel my lips anymore on "Separate Ways." Pictures later. 

Anyway, today is my absolute FAVORITE holiday: BIG GAME! And I'm actually home for it! (The trip's dates might have been slightly arranged around today...) GO BEARS! BEAT THE CARDINAL! (Please, pretty please!)