Light Bites: Wine Awakening

Is anyone else in the office these days? For those of us left behind, here is some reading material.

My first inclination was to say "No," but then I thought... Americans have a “wine awakening” at 29 (The Takeout)

Answer: You should. How much should you care about food and wine pairings? (San Francisco Chronicle)

OK, maybe you don't have to care this much. How to Pair Wine With Funfetti (Grub Street)

Speaking of wine pairings, pairing wine and true crime is all the rage these days. Drinking with Crime Fiction Writer Megan Abbott (Punch)

L.A.'s answer to Anna Delvey? Literary ambition. Fabulous parties. A hidden past. Who is Anna March? (The Los Angeles Times)

Apparently, we all want to grocery shop in Europe. The Freshest Ideas Are in Small Grocery Stores (The New York Times)

I stopped drinking Diet Coke long before I stopped watching MTV. The Decline and Fall of Diet Coke and the Power Generation That Loved It (The New Yorker)

There is no movie I care more about seeing this year than this one. The Stakes Are High for 'Crazy Rich Asians' — And That's the Point (The Hollywood Reporter)