Light Bites

As you may have noticed, the theme of this blog is about the match made in culinary heaven that is champagne and fries. (Or frankly, most sparkling wines and versions of salted fried potatoes.) The concept isn't exactly new, but it has been batted around and reviewed in the food press for awhile, perhaps starting with this New York Times commentary in 2007, although I'm very open to reading anything that came before that.

Thus, here's a selection of assorted reads on my favorite pairing. My appetite for champagne and fries is only surpassed by my appetite for news, so I'll share more light reads from the food, wine, and spirits world each week.

An Eater dispatch from New OrleansThe Story Behind Sylvain's Fries and Champagne

At Moët & Chandon's top brass is on the champagne and fries bandwagon.

Town & Country doubles down on the same reportIf You're Not Drinking Champagne with French Fries, You're Doing It Wrong

Service journalism, courtesy of Marie Claire10 Perfect Wine-and-Fry Pairings, Because You're an Adult Who Deserves to Be Happy

From Huffington Post, in 2015, but in case you want your champs and frites in video formCan You Pair Champagne With French Fries?! We Learn About Snacking With Bubbly