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Image: Dom Pérignon

Image: Dom Pérignon, September 2019

A Women-Run Travel Agency Leading Adventure Trips for Women Only

The mother-daughter team offers nearly two dozen trips a year that span the globe, including to countries that might not be so easy for women to visit solo., September 2019

Red Blends Are More Popular Than Ever With U.S. Wine Drinkers

Red blends are actually much more sophisticated—and ideal for experienced oenophiles—than you'd expect., September 2019

What Exactly Is a Super-Premium Spirit Anyway?

Why the “super-premium” category might not really be super—or anything—after all., September 2019

12 Books on Business and Journalism to Add to Your Fall Reading List

Including new titles penned by Disney CEO Bob Iger and Instagram favorite Gary Janetti., September 2019

Shake Shack’s Culinary Director Is Dreaming Up New Menu Items Around the World

While you should be able to expect the same burgers at any Shake Shack, look for a few surprises as well., September 2019

Seven Ways to Enjoy White (Wine) After Labor Day

Like white clothes and white shoes, white wine is typically phased out after Labor Day. Here's why you shouldn't make that mistake.

Fortune, September 2019

New Book Reflects on High Dining Through Windows on the World

The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World by Tom Roston looks at dining culture from the vantage point of Windows on the World., August 2019

How to Drink–and Enjoy–Red Wine in the Summer

Contrary to popular belief, red wines can be enjoyable and refreshing during the hot summer months—when served at the right temperature., August 2019

The Iconic Castle on Downton Abbey Is Bringing Its London Dry Gin to the U.S.

What is a weekend without gin cocktails?, July 2019

A Layover Guide to Copenhagen

Making the most of a short visit to the Danish capital is easy to do—if you plan your stay just right., July 2019

Tips and Treats for Stress-Free Trips With Pets

Keeping you and your four-legged best friend happy while on the road., June 2019

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski on Netflix, Social Media, and Opening a Restaurant

Also: Tips for living your best life., June 2019

Chef Marcus Samuelsson Wants to Redefine Cookbooks Through Audiobooks

A new frontier for audiobooks., June 2019

Big Gay Ice Cream Cofounder on Growing a Small Business from Coast to Coast

The friendly food truck-turned-retail wunderkind is turning 10 this year.

bgic-077.jpg, June 2019

9 Nonfiction Page-Turners to Bring to the Beach This Summer

'From the Corner of the Oval' to the 'Truffle Underground', June 2019

The Friendliest and Most Welcoming Workplaces for Dogs

But why are these companies investing so much in pet perks?, June 2019

7 Books in Business and Journalism You Should Read This Summer

From 'Elvis in Vegas' to yet another dishy read from Michael Wolff about the Trump White House., May 2019

7 Novels to Read on Your Summer Travels

From a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction to the latest dramedy from the author of Big Little Lies, May 2019

Know What to Look for to Find a Great Rosé

Yes, rosé all day—but which rosé?, May 2019

These Canned Wines Are Perfect for Summer 2019

Canned wines have come a long way in a very short period of time., May 2019

English and Welsh Sparkling Wines Are Sparking a New Wave for Bubbles

A master sommelier says England is one of the greatest examples of these emerging regions right now.

Image: Gusbourne Winery

Image: Gusbourne Winery, May 2019

Exclusive: The Maker of Whispering Angel Is Releasing a New Luxury Wine

It's never been a hotter time to be in the rosé business., May 2019

Acclaimed Chef Thomas Keller on Defining Fine Dining and Eating 'Local'

'Local has nothing to do with geography—it has to do with quality of ingredients.', May 2019

New Documentary Shines Light on Latinx Winemakers in Sonoma and Napa Valley

Migrant workers are essential to the wine business, yet are rarely recognized for their contributions., May 2019

A Wellness Kitchen for Dogs: Petco's Answer to Amazon and Chewy

As well as a number of startups grounded in freshly made dog food., May 2019

Brandless Wants to 'Democratize' Clean Beauty With Latest Line of Skincare Products

This isn't exactly new territory for the company.

Fortune, May 2019

What Happened to the Winklevii After Facebook

A new book on the infamous twins dives into their crypto crusades., April 2019

Wild One's Debut of Healthier Dog Treats Reflects How Pet Startups Are Learning From Human Food Brands

The company says the treats have been 'tested by a community of tough dog critics.', April 2019

Who Gets to Decide Who Is an Authority on Food?

'Mastheads can’t all be people from the same background, the same part of the country.', April 2019

10 Books in Business and Journalism You Should Read This Spring

Including new looks at Audrey Hepburn, the Winklevoss Twins, and the women of ABC's The View

books-in-business-and-journalism-you-should-read-this-spring.jpg, April 2019

Danny Meyer's Lessons Learned From Going Cashless, Eliminating Tipping, and the Shake Shack IPO

Customers have been more much more accepting of new practices than you might think, the restauranteur says., April 2019

Restaurateur Danny Meyer Discusses His Latest Dining Project at The Shed in Hudson Yards

'We want to create a place where you’d want to eat—even if you didn’t want to go to the museum.'

Fortune, April 2019

Why Your Next Cocktail Will Be Premixed

Sacrificing the craft of cocktails for speed.

brb_04_01_19-cocktail.jpg, March 2019

Where You Can Read the Books Behind ‘Game of Thrones’ for Free

'A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.'

Fortune, March 2019

A Game of Thrones in the Boardroom

A new book explores what managers can learn from the Machiavellian fantasy series., February 2019

Moët Hennessy Eyes China As the Next Frontier for Luxury Wines With Ao Yun Vineyards

“To discover a new terroir, it is a dream for a winemaker.”

Fortune, February 2019

Could Marie Kondo Slow Down Fast Fashion?

Minimal wardrobes aren't good for retailers., January 2019

Scribd's 'Netflix for Books' Subscription Model Is Proving to Be Fruitful

Audiobooks, especially, are more popular than ever before., January 2019

The 2019 Oscars Nominations Are In—And Netflix Has a Lot to Celebrate

Even without a host, the show will go on., January 2019

What New York's Avoided Subway Shutdown Means for Businesses, Landlords, and Buyers

Not everyone is welcoming the news., January 2019

Amazon Shines Spotlight on Wine Industry With Glossy New Docu-Series

It starts with wine., January 2019

Spotify Reveals Top Workout Trends, Playlists, and Songs Going Into 2019

From the most active country to the most zen country., January 2019

These Are the Top Skills Businesses and Job Recruiters Are Looking for Most in 2019

Maybe your job isn’t prey to the robots just yet.

Illustration: Tres Commas; Photo: Getty

Illustration: Tres Commas; Photo: Getty, December 2018

These Are Some of the Worst and Most Outrageous Gifts Employees Say They Have Received

From foot lotion to gas station wine., December 2018

These Are the Fastest Growing Jobs and Skills Gaps Nationwide

What is a blockchain developer, anyway?

Fortune, December 2018

Predictions for 2019: Fortune's Crystal Ball for the Year Ahead

Orange is the new rosé.

Fortune, December 2018

The Highs (and Lows) of a Remarkable Year in Business: Best Reads

These standout tomes made our must-read list this year., December 2018

Travel Essentials for the Business Globetrotter This Holiday Season

A very short list of some essentials you should consider packing before leaving home.

Untitled_00045.jpg, December 2018

The Winemakers and Champagne Houses Making Their Mark With U.S. Consumers Ahead of New Year's Eve

Bonus: What if I told you that you could consume sparkling wine in…pie form?, November 2018

A Children's Book Club Is Launching a Holiday Series With Picks Made by Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Sundar Pichai

This is no short list., October 2018

Inside the Launch Party for Anthony Scaramucci's New Memoir

Including a multi-tiered cake with the Resolute Desk., October 2018

This Is the Most Frustrating Flaw Among Managers, According to Their Employees

No one likes a micro-manager...but no one likes to be ignored either., October 2018

Amazon Alexa Fund Makes Its First Investment in Restaurant Tech With SevenRooms

Alexa will show you to your table now., October 2018

Scribd and The New York Times Are Launching a Dual Subscription Package

Bookworms and news hounds could save up to $60 per year., October 2018

Harry's Labs Launches Flamingo, a New Brand Specifically for Women's Hair Care and Grooming

From the incubator lab of the popular men's grooming and shaving brand., October 2018

Pocket Plans to Turn Your Never-Ending News Reading List Into a Podcast

Because there is so much news right now.

Pocket-listen-on-iPhoneX-illustration.png, October 2018

Younger Professionals Are More Likely to Switch Jobs at a Rate Faster Than Ever Before

Generation Z is cementing itself as the “most mobile professional generation.”, October 2018

The Infatuation Secures $30 Million Investment From Firm Co-Founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg

Expect more new restaurant scene coverage in more cities worldwide., October 2018

Examining the Gender Gap in the Champagne and Sparkling Wine Business

There’s a diversity gap that shouldn’t be overlooked, either., October 2018

How Wineries and Distilleries Are Addressing Climate Change

Healthy grapes mean better wine for everyone., September 2018

Ryan Reynolds's Aviation Gin Takes Flight in New Partnership With Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic

Aviation Gin is taking off for the friendly skies., September 2018

Pinterest Is the Latest Silicon Valley Brand to Settle in Canada

Some of the most top searched trends in Canada include Tartan plaid and...cabbage lasagne., September 2018

You Can Now Shop Directly From Instagram Stories

A dedicated shopping channel is also coming soon., September 2018

These Are the Top 10 Challenges for Employees in the Workplace Right Now

The Sunday Scaries are real., September 2018

Snapchat Eyes the Fashion Set With Its Latest Line of Spectacles Eyewear

But will Spectacles ever be more than—gasp—a spectacle?

Image: Snap

Image: Snap, August 2018

Inside Instagram's New Plan to Improve Security Amid Bots, Fake Followers, and Other Bad Actors

Facebook's popular app takes some cues from Twitter., August 2018

BarkBox Is Thinking Outside the Box With a New Experimental Retail Concept

But is this park more for dogs...or their owners?, August 2018

The Girl Scouts Are Here to Save the Day With Their First New Flavor in Two Years

Cookie selling might be their most famous fundraiser, but the organization has rolled out a number of new programs to encourage leadership among girls and young women in recent years., August 2018

Ryan Reynolds Explains Why He Wanted to Buy Aviation Gin

Don't expect to catch him in the distillery, however.

Image: Aviation Gin

Image: Aviation Gin, August 2018

A New York City Startup Is Launching a Wine Club Aimed at Millennial Men

They are being hawked as "boxes of awesome.", August 2018

Why One of the Top Chardonnay Producers in the U.S. Is Thirsty for a White Wine Emoji

It's not as basic as it looks., July 2018

Dom Pérignon Is Undergoing a Changing of the Guard

A new generation leading one of the world's most prestigious Champagne brands., July 2018

Campari's Marketing Blitz for Aperol Spritz Has Found Success With Millennials

The classic aperitif is not actually new, but it's selling like it is., July 2018

Meghan Markle Is Being Credited With Boosting Aritzia's Earnings. But Is the 'Meghan Effect' Real?

The "Kate Effect" might not have been as effective as you might think, either., July 2018

This Is the Number One Reason Why People Don't Unplug From Work While on Vacation

Millennials have "vacation request anxiety."

Image: Noah Fecks/The 18th Room

Image: Noah Fecks/The 18th Room, July 2018

Sustainable Cocktails Could Be the Next Big Trend in Bartending

This next wave of cocktails could save bartenders and restaurant managers some money while also—in small part—help save the planet from added waste. But the first step to getting this trend out from underground might be defining what "sustainable cocktails" are in the first place., July 2018

Page-Turning Novels Set in Politics, Finance, and Tech

Great travel reads are supposed to be like literary snacks. But once in awhile, it can be even more fun to read a novel to which we can relate, whether it be the characters remind us of our families—or the situations remind us of our careers, workplaces, and (sometimes confusing, awkward, or downright bizarre) interactions with colleagues and clients., July 2018

Book Clubs Are Really Having a Moment Right Now

First came the book recommendations. Now come the book *club* recommendations., June 2018

Eight Business Books That Are Actually Great Summer Beach Reads

From the downfall of Theranos to the mystery of the world's most expensive bottle of wine.

Image: Fonseca Porto Wine

Image: Fonseca Porto Wine, May 2018

Meet the Next Wine-Based Beverage Expected to Sweep the Summer

Pour out the frozé., May 2018

The Royal Wedding: How Much Security, Renovations, and Meghan Markle's Dress Might Cost

A royal wedding or a royal money pit?, April 2018

Resy Says It Has a New Plan to Turn Tables Better and Help Diners Nab Hard-to-Get Reservations

Since launching four years ago, Resy has caught on like wildfire with foodies in urban areas looking to make reservations at some of the most buzzed-about eateries of the moment. Now, the New York City-based company, which competes with the likes of Yelp and OpenTable, is branching out with a host of new products aimed at guests as well as the front of the house at restaurants as the brand also expands to a handful of additional international markets.

Image: Fortune

Image: Fortune

Fortune, April 2018

The Cost of a Cocktail Is on the Rise

It wasn’t long ago that $15 to $20 was the going rate for an entree at a mid-range restaurant, and an above-average cocktail cost a fraction of that. Today, however, patrons don’t bat an eye at shelling out $16 for a single drink. What’s happening?

Food and Wine, February 2018

Alexa, Get Cooking

Your home kitchen is about to get a lot smarter. While these gadgets won’t chop onions for you, they can help your cooking and party planning run smoothly from start to finish., February 2018

Fire and Fury, Media Matters, and Secret Empires: A Reading List to the Trump White House

The books you need to know about, both already available and coming soon.

Fortune, December 2017

Fortune's Favorite Business Books of the Year

Don’t know anything about wine? Don’t worry. Bianca Bosker delivers a delightful and thoroughly reported back­grounder in her droll memoir, Cork Dork, chronicling her winding path to becoming a sommelier. Good for oenophiles, novices, and wine skeptics alike.

Fortune, July 2017

Montreal and Toronto Are Becoming Magnet Cities for Tech Giants Google, Microsoft, and Uber

Vancouver isn’t the only metropolis north of the border buzzing with tech.

Fortune, July 2016

Will Algorithms Persuade People to Drink More Wine?

The ancient world of wine doesn’t seem ripe for technological revolution. But that’s exactly what Brian Smith set out to do when he co–founded Winc, an online wine club in Los Angeles, in 2012.

Image: Winc

Image: Winc

ZDNet, August 2015

AT&T Is Hauling Cows, Cheese Wheels, and a Giant Eyeball to Outside Lands

The annual Outside Lands music and food extravaganza marks the first occasion where AT&T is deploying all three of the biggest wireless tools in its arsenal at a single festival.

ZDNet, July 2015

For Chefs and Foodies, Big Data Could Be the New Secret Ingredient

Tech giants like IBM followed by a handful of budding startups are tapping into machine learning to rethink the delivery of food from the growers to chefs to the delivery professionals themselves.

ZDNet, June 2015

Bite Silicon Valley: 3D Printed Confections With ChefJet Pro

Move over, sous-vide cookers, as there is a new appliance poised to take professional and home kitchens by storm.

ZDNet, June 2015

AT&T's EchoBOT and Rewiring the Baseball Fan Experience

AT&T offers a peek behind the scenes at the digital networking pipelines designed to improve baseball fan experiences at its eponymous ballpark in San Francisco.

ZDNet, March 2015

Before They Were Stars: Smartwatches in Pop Culture

From the stone ages of the Flintstones to the futuristic sky cities of the Jetsons, the smartwatch has been a surprising yet underlying constant in pop culture.

ZDNet, February 2015

How Rent the Runway Dazzles Shoppers With Data

Rent the Runway, a self-described "fashion company with a technology soul," wants to revolutionize how the average person shops for clothes—using big data.

ZDNet, July 2014

The Engineering Elves Building Google's Santa Tracker

Even Santa needs the help of web developers these days.

ZDNet, June 2014

The Minimalist Guide to Summer Travel Tech

As someone who prefers to travel as light as possible, here are some tried-and-true tips on how to make the most out of toting the fewest gadgets and entanglements possible.

Tech Republic, March 2014

How Aaron Levie and His Childhood Friends Built Box Into a $2 Billion Business

Without stabbing each other in the back.

ZDNet, March 2014

From Cars to Catamarans, How Big Data Plays in Sports

Data analytics can do a lot more for business than just predict consumer shopping habits.